African Music Treasures – Voice of America blog dedicated to African music

Afropop Worldwide – Reviews and radio programming about the music of Africa and the diaspora

Andy Morgan Writes – Blog of former Tinariwen manager and veteran music journalist Andy Morgan

Bridges from Bamako – Blog of anthropologist Bruce Whitehouse

Intagrist El Ansari [in French] – Blog of Tuareg journalist Intagrist El Ansari

Reaktion – Record label and podcasts about Saharan music

Sahel Sounds – Blog and record label exploring music, sound, and media from across the Sahel [in French] – News and reviews of Tuareg music


Festival in the Desert – Annual international music and cultural festival historically held in northern Mali

Rain for the Sahel and Sahara – Organization partnering with rural and nomadic populations in Niger to help them realize their goals for education and sustainable living

Sandblast – UK-based organization promoting human rights through the arts for Saharawi people from Western Sahara


AfricaMap – Dynamic mapping project at Harvard University’s Center for Geographic Analysis

Ethnomusicology Review – Peer-reviewed interdisciplinary music journal run by UCLA graduate students